Telework at Berkeley Lab 

On July 12, 2021 Laboratory leadership will be announcing new policies and procedures for the future of remote work. Please check back for updates regarding this announcement.

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Telework Policies and Procedures

Shopping Guides

There are various resources to help you obtain telework items:

Telework Equipment & Supply Use, Tracking, & Return

Access this site for the newest information on telework equipment and supply use, tracking, and return. Remember: All items purchased by the Laboratory, regardless of whether or not they are tagged (i.e. have a barcode), are Government Property and must be returned to the Laboratory on request or at the end of your relationship with the Laboratory.   

Need to return telework items? Click here to visit the Property Management- Returning Telework Items section.

 If you purchase an item from the eBuy Telework catalog and want to return it click here. contains information on collaboration tools to help keep team together within hybrid teams.  Collaboration tools can help nurture the formal and informal relationships that make Team Science work.   Also, feel free to reach out for advice or to share your ideas at 

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Telework Catalog

To learn more about the Telework catalog, visit the Procurement Department website here.

The Telework Catalog Guide will help you learn to use the new eBuy Telework catalog. It includes detailed instructions on how to enter an address for shipping to a remote location. 

Please see the following page on purchasing guidance for ordering telework equipment and supplies not found on the Telework catalog. 

For additional questions regarding the eBuy Telework catalog, contact the Procurement Help Desk

Get To Your Work

The majority of Lab services are already easily accessible from any place on the Internet, with no special configuration required.  You can access Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and the rest of the Google Suite with no special setup. You can access many other Lab web applications, such as Zoom, Training, and LETS without special configurations.  However, there are a few cases where you will need additional technology in place to work from home.  The most common cases are using applications that are only accessible from the Lab network (such as FMS) or accessing files on a shared drive, or accessing software or data on your work computer.

TIP: Think you might need access to your desktop at work but you've never configured remote access before?   Make things easy by using Chrome Remote Desktop.

Keep Up With Your Team

Remote work has many advantages, but it can be hard to keep up with the members of your team.   Luckily, IT has a variety of tools to help you stay connected.

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Stay Safe

Whether you're using a computer that hasn't been turned on for awhile, or using a personal device for work for the first time, we want you to stay secure and safe.

Cyber Security Guidelines for Personally Owned Devices

Stay Alert for Phishing (including COVID-19 themed phishing)

Use Good Ergonomic Practices

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