FAQs for Telework

General FAQs

Q1: How do I access the Telework Catalog?

Please visit ebuy.lbl.gov. You may reference the Telework Catalog Guide for helpful instructions on how to enter your remote location address.

Q2: Do these items need to be returned when I leave the Laboratory?

Please visit the Property Management Homepage for the newest information on telework equipment and supply use, tracking, and return. All items purchased by the Laboratory, regardless of whether or not they are tagged (i.e. have a barcode), are Government Property and must be returned to the Laboratory on request or at the end of your relationship with the Laboratory.

Q3: How long will it take for items to get to me?

Delivery times for items may vary depending upon market availability. When using the eBuy Telework catalog you can check the expected delivery date for each item before adding it to your cart.

Q4: How do I return something I purchased through the eBuy Telework Catalog?

You can obtain information on how to return an item by going to eBuy Returns Center and clicking the link to open the guidance on returning Telework catalog items.

Q5: How do I return something I purchased for telework through an ePro requisition?

Please contact procurementhelp@lbl.gov for information on how to return an item ordered via ePro requisition.

Q6: How do I track an order that I placed via the eBuy Telework Catalog?

There are eBuy tools to assist you with tracking your order. You can access eBuy Manage My Orders for further details.

Costs and Property Tracking

Q1: Where do I charge my telework purchases?

Costs should be allocated in the same way that ergonomic and computing purchases are allocated within Divisions for onsite purchases. For most Divisions, charges will be allocated to the benefiting project. For some Divisions, costs will be allocated to Org or Area burden. Please consult with your supervisor and/Division management for additional information.

Q2: Are these items government property and what are my responsibilities?

Items purchased with government funds are government property regardless of where they are used. This includes ergonomic furniture and accessories provided to employees. Employees must exercise good stewardship over items under their care and return them to the Laboratory when the items are no longer needed or when their relationship with the Laboratory ends. Information about services to retrieve larger items from employee homes where the employee is unable to bring the items back to the Laboratory is available. Please visit the Property Management Homepage for the newest information on telework equipment and supply use, tracking, and return.

Q3: What are Area/Division/Supervisor responsibilities for tracking and retrieving property used at home?

Please visit the Property Management Homepage for the newest information on telework equipment and supply use, tracking, and return.

Q4: Can I get reimbursed if I purchased any telework ergonomics accessories or furniture on my own?

A: No, unfortunately the Laboratory cannot reimburse employees for purchases they made on their own.


Q1: Why is the Laboratory providing chairs?

Chairs have been identified as one of the key items needed to improve the safety and comfort of employees while teleworking. The Laboratory recognizes the importance of safety while teleworking.

Q2: How do I choose which chair is right for me?

There is a Telework Shopping Guide for Chairs to help you determine if the dimensions and features will work for you. If you need additional assistance contact your Division Ergo Advocate or EHS Ergonomics Team. There is also a Helpful Chair Comparison Guide available.

Q3: Why can't I take my chair home?

You cannot obtain your chair from your office. The chairs weigh between 45 - 48 pounds and cannot safely be loaded and unloaded into a vehicle. Allowing for individual employees to self-move the chairs may result in additional injuries as these items are bulky and heavy. Additionally, as more employees transition back to the Laboratory there will be a need for chairs in both telework and Laboratory locations. If you are not comfortable sitting while teleworking you can obtain a chair, cushions, and/or footrests from the eBuy Telework Catalog to help improve your comfort.

Q4: Why can't the Laboratory send everyone their chairs from their offices?

We want to ensure employees would have chairs for both work locations. If you need a chair for telework check out Telework Shopping Guide for Chairs.

Q5: Why did the chair selection not include the standard chairs we use at the Laboratory ?

That would have been preferred since we know these chairs ‘work’ for employees. We cannot obtain these chairs fast enough, in the projected quantities, nor could we get them delivered to employees home in an efficient manner. The telework chairs selected support a variety of sitting styles and body sizes. Contact your Division Ergo Advocate for assistance in selecting a chair.

Q6: How were the telework pre-approved chairs selected?

The EHS Ergonomics Team reviewed various chair options to determine their ergonomic adjustability and features, and identified styles and sizes that would fit a variety of body sizes and sitting styles. In addition, the chairs have the needed inventory available and can be delivered to employees homes. The chairs are available assembled or unassembled. Please note assembled chairs will take an additional 7-10 days to receive. You can check out the available telework chairs in the helpful shopping guide.

Q7: Can I have the same chair that I use in my office purchased through another source such as Amazon?

No, the chairs available in the catalog are the only allowable chairs intended to be used while teleworking. The telework chairs were selected to closely resemble the standard chairs we provide onsite and guidance is available in the chair selection guide to help you select the correct one. Additionally, Procurement has created a specific portal to allow for purchases of telework equipment to be made through eBuy for convenience and to avoid the additional cost of ordering through a requisition. If you need further assistance, please contact your Division's Ergo Advocate or the EHS Ergo Team at ergo@lbl.gov.

Other Items

Q1: Why isn't the Laboratory providing desks including sit-stand desks?

Laboratory leadership has made the decision to purchase chairs but not sit-stand desks. The Laboratory does support the purchase of desks (non-adjustable) and/or desktop sit-stand converters and which can closely resemble the functionality of sit-stand desks. If you need a desk and/or sit-stand converter please contact ergo@lbl.gov for assistance. Desk and sit-stand converters require a consultation with EHS Ergo Team. Any tables or sit-stand desks employees purchase on their own will not be reimbursed. If you need assistance with your individual telework situation contact your Division Ergo Advocate or EHS Ergonomics Team.

Q2: Is an ergonomic evaluation required to obtain items for teleworking?

No, an ergonomics evaluation is not required for items in the eBuy Telework Catalog. An ergonomics evaluation can be helpful to determine the specific needs for your telework situation. You can request an ergonomics evaluation at ergoeval.lbl.gov.

Q3: Are the expedited telecommuting agreement and/or HR Formal Telecommuting agreement still required?

The formal (askUS) telecommuting agreement nor the Expedited Telework Agreement (issued at the start of the pandemic) are not required at this time. The Lab is incrementally increasing onsite work presence in the coming months based on evolving health and safety guidance. In the meantime, many employees continue to work remotely (partially or predominantly depending on their work), and the Lab will accordingly continue to maximize telework through 9/30/21. All employees who are teleworking should be included in a telework Work Planning Control (WPC) activity. More information will be issued for policies and processes related to the future of work targeted for the start of FY22.