Using the eBuy Telework Catalog:

Step 1: Consult the guides on this site for help choosing a chair, monitor, and other IT and ergonomic accessories (see links below or above under :Shopping Guides)

Step 2: Visit the Telework Equipment and Supplies webpage where you can learn how to view and shop the pre-approved list of telework items, access the guide for shipping to your telework location, and view the most common FAQs.

Step 3: Visit eBuy, click on the Telework Equipment and Supplies icon. From the "Lists" menu, select "Telework Equipment & Supplies ". Please ensure the end-user is entered as Requester on the eBuy requisition.

Here are some helpful resources to assist you selecting the best ergonomics and IT items for your telework situation.

Chair Resources

Click here to access information on guidance on selecting a chair and available chairs.

Contact your Ergo Advocate if you need assistance selecting the items that might work well for you.

Ergo Accessories

Includes: footrests, seat/back cushions, clamp on keyboard tray, mobile laptop cart, laptop stands/risers, wrist rests, mouse pads, and monitor stands

Click here to access photos, features, specifications and various applications for each of the ergonomic accessories that can be self-service purchased through the eBuy portal without any ergo approval.

Contact your Ergo Advocate if you need assistance selecting the items that might work well for you.

IT Accessories

Includes: monitor, webcams, headsets, cables, keyboards, and mice

Click here to access photos and information for IT accessories.

Helpful information from Telework Guidance

      • Consultation Required for Certain Ergonomic Accessories: Some ergonomic accessories, primarily sit-stand converters and monitor arms require a consultation with EHS Ergonomics before they can be procured (coming soon).

      • Work Surfaces: Consult with EHS Ergo if you are facing challenges with your home work surface (desk).

      • Use Good Ergonomic Practices: It's a good time to review your ergonomic situation at home. Take a moment to check out: Guide to setting up your home office.

Ergonomics Help