Union & Scale FlexFit 1500TF Mesh Back Fabric Task Chair, Black

This chair includes a fabric seat. Will suit a lot of different sitting styles and body sizes (medium and large). Confirm seat height and depth will meet the customer's needs. If you use a Steelcase Leap, Soma B/C, Herman Miller Aeron B/C, or Allsteel Acuity chair at the Lab this chair might work well for you.

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Note: This Chair is delivered unassembled.  See Assembly Instructions for details.  If you require a chair that needs assembly, please submit an ePro Requisition.  The suggested supplier is Staples, and orders will be placed through the commercial marketplace with the pricing from Staples.  Include the chair name and item # in the item description field, add a line to the requisition for the $45 cost for assembly, and note your telework address in the comments field. Chairs requiring assembly can take an additional 7-10 days for delivery. Please contact the Procurement Help Desk procurementhelp@lbl.gov if you have any questions.

Items, whether in the eBuy catalog or commercial marketplace, could change based on market availability and alternatives may be offered. Call customer service for accurate delivery time (877-855-0028).


Item #: 1922857

Model #: 28831  

Berkeley Lab Customer Reviews

“The angle of the back cannot be adjusted. It does not recline”

“I would like the lumbar support to be more adjustable”

“It is really heavy and it required two people to carry up one flight of stairs to my office/study.”

“Wheels are not ideal for the wooden floor in my room.”

“Seat pan could be a bit deeper and does not tilt.”

“It is a bit difficult to roll on carpet”

“Plastic mesh feels sticky and uncomfortable against skin, especially in warm/hot weather.”

“Arm rests can't be adjusted inward or outward” 

“I don't like arm rests so I did not install them”

“I am tall and the chair back does not adjust properly to my height.”

Have a review you would like to provide? Please send it to ergo@lbl.gov.



Assembly/Adjustment Instructions

The Union & Scale FlexFit 1500TF chair may work for you, if you use these models at the Lab:

Steelcase Leap Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair (B/C sizes)

Soma (B/C sizes)

Sitmatic Beta 2 Med/Large