Sadie Big and Tall Chair

This chair will suit different sitting styles and larger body sizes. Confirm seat height and depth will meet the customer's needs. This is a special sized chair.

To Purchase: Go to eBuy-Telework Equipment and Supplies- Enter Item # in Search box

Note: This Chair is delivered unassembled. See Assembly Instructions for details. If you require a chair that needs assembly, please submit an ePro Requisition. The suggested supplier is Staples, and orders will be placed through the commercial marketplace with the pricing from Staples. Include the chair name and item # in the item description field, add a line to the requisition for the $45 cost for assembly, and note your telework address in the comments field. Chairs requiring assembly can take an additional 7-10 days for delivery. Please contact the Procurement Help Desk if you have any questions.

Items, whether in the eBuy catalog or commercial marketplace, could change based on market availability and alternatives may be offered. Call customer service for accurate delivery time (877-855-0028).


Item #: 2797343

Mfr: BSXVST141

Berkeley Lab Customer Reviews

“This chair feels more solid than the one I used to sit in at the lab. It's definitely more comfortable. I thought the process was surprisingly easy!”

“I really appreciate the ease of ordering.”

“Because I bought the wide chair I received it very quickly. “

“Not very comfortable. Extra wide. I like it’s wider than chairs like the 1500 because I move around in my chair a lot but a halfway point between them would be nice.”

“It is very big, less wide seat and closer armrests would be optimal”

“I returned this chair as it was much too large for me. I didn't realize how wide it was”

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